Save Our Environment

It is time to get involved with conserving nature.


Save Our Environment

It is time to get involved with conserving nature.

Tom's Charities & Events

I work with charities and participate in events so I can meet more people with the same goal, which is to conserve the earth. These include:

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Cycle to the Sea (Annual Event)

Dedicated to Preserving the Future of Nature

Tom Baskind partners with charitable organizations to help save our environment. Join and become a part of this campaign today.

I am fundraising for WWF because my goal is to protect the future of our nature. Deforestation, climate change, water scarcity, and illegal wildlife trade are some of the threats facing our planet today—and no person or group can tackle them alone.

If we work together, we can handle anything. Hand in hand, we can protect the very things that keep us alive: our forests, our oceans, our freshwater, our wildlife, our energy supply, our food supply, and a lot more.

Please join me in this important work through donations. Thank you for giving what you can.


A decade of Cycle to the Sea events competed! 2023 was a success and one of the top years for fundraising.

You can still donate anytime with the button below.

ASAP provides competitive and recreational adaptive sports opportunities for people with physical disabilities. They also support and promote the achievement of personal goals of adaptive athletes.

Since ASAP is funded entirely through philanthropy, your donation to our team fundraising page makes a huge impact on the quality and availability of these affordable and life-changing services for children and adults living with disabilities.

Tom Baskind's Past Events